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"Hannah is dedicated, thorough and patient - a delight to work with!"

- David M Holland, Expert Witness & Podiatrist - Ortho-Ped Ltd

"Hannah is an excellent editor who provides very useful feedback and works with writers in a collaborative way to make the articles we produce better."

- Ben Salisbury, Freelance Journalist

"Hannah was positive, enthusiastic and professional. She worked well with the technical groups she managed, commissioned relevant and high quality content from experts across a broad spectrum and produced journals she can be proud of."

- Toni Gill, Journals Manager - RICS

"It has been a pleasure dealing with Hannah - she articulates her requirements very clearly and works efficiently and collaboratively towards achieving the required outcomes

in a supportive and proactive manner."

- Jason Farnell, Managing Director - Commercial Risk Management Limited


"Throughout my working with Hannah she has consistently shown the tenacity, creativity

and drive that is essential to successfully deliver and develop technical journals. Hannah's success is due to her approach comprising a highly effective blend of leadership and knowledge

- I have no hesitation in recommending her."

- Andrew McSmythurs, Director - McSmythurs Consulting Ltd & Former Director - Schofield Lothian

"I worked with Hannah on an article that I wrote using Agile Project Management in Construction. Hannah's skill and attention to detail helped me condense the article to make it

more readable and also improved the key messages. I highly recommend Hannah."

- Pieter Rautenbach, Planning Lead - BHP Billiton (Brisbane, Australia)

"Hannah began our relationship by proactively contacting me, having clearly undertaking thorough and pertinent research. She captured my interest, provided excellent prompting on the contribution she was looking for and provided perceptive and concise feedback. Throughout, she managed to make a mainly email-based exchange feel both human and engaging.

A pleasure to work with!"

- Alex MacLaren, Architect & Associate Professor - Heriot-Watt University

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